Music Program

Our Purpose: To provide an atmosphere that inspires the children of God to "Worship in Spirit and in Truth." Praising the name of Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father.

Our Mission: To bring God the glory and honor due Him by being the Worship and Praise.

Our Vision: That each Man is able to learn and operate in their Holy Calling. (Ephesians 1:18)

Our Strategy: To be led by the Holy Spirit in the Great Commission. Making disciples for Jesus Christ. The key elements to help direct us toward this goal are found in "WISDOM".

Our Worship Team
Barbara Cernea- Worship Leader/Singer Tim Cernea - Worship Leader/Musician
Lisa Bennett - Worship Leader/Singer Nani Brunais - Musician/Singer
Tara Blackburn - Singer Agnes Crosby - Singer
Bonnie Pointer - Worship Leader/Singer Angela Solomon - Musician/Singer
Don Paul Bennett - Visual Controller Mi Hee Guiles - Singer
Bill Bennett - Singer Mike Guiles - Visual Controller

Music for 5 January 2020
Sunday Morning
Worship Leader - Barbara Cernea

I'm a New Creation
I Saw the Light
I Surender All
I Am the God that Healeth Thee

Sunday Evening
Worship Leader - MiHee Guiles

In the Name of Jesus
Victory in Jesus
When I Look Into Your Holiness
I Worship You Almighty God
Wednesday Evening
8 January 2020

Music Practice before Service 5 pm

Music Practice - Sunday Nights after Church service.